Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Dumb Little HuffPo That Got Rekt By Ann Coulter: A Bedtime Story

Okay, boys and girls. Snuggle down tight into your beds, shut your little mouths, and listen to this story about a ridiculous website that one day decided to spread incendiary and baseless gossip about a public figure and got very badly burned for their trouble.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde goddess named Ann Coulter.

Because she was not only lovely, but brilliant, she was waiting with bated breath for the evil dick Obama to be dethroned and replaced by the rightful God-Emperor, Donald J. Trump.

For a whole year, every single day, Ann tweeted out the number of days left in Obama's vile and corrupt reign.

On January 5, 2017, Ann tweeted "14!" The day before that she had tweeted "15!" The next day she would tweet, "13!" But that day, there were 14 days left of Obama's craptastic rule, so she tweeted "14!"

But who should spy this cryptic tweet but a "journalist" at the Huffington Post! This poor journalist named Jenna, who was kicked in the head by a mean billy goat as a child, was unable to reason or use the Internet. So she assumed what any brain-damaged woman would assume: the "14" Ann tweeted was a reference to white supremacy.

During what semester of journalism school do you learn how to do a google search and pick a result at random before getting on with your insane speculating?

You see, Neo-Nazis on Twitter had responded with glee in the hopes that Ann's message was a coded reference to the "14 words" sacred to their weird little tribe. And that was all the proof Jenna needed to speculate that Ann Coulter was finally coming out as a Nazi. I mean, why else would she tweet this random number OUT OF NOWHERE?!

When the lovely Ann caught wind of this nonsense, she rekt on Jenna and the gullible HuffPo readers super hard.

Enjoy the following screen grabs, children! Then sleep tight knowing this was just a bedtime story, and nothing this fucking insane and retarded could ever happen in the real world.