Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Real War on Women is Feminism

It's time for women to repeal and replace feminism.

Feminists today are professional victims, the mutated offspring of a movement that, ironically, began with women denouncing victimhood. What we now call feminism bears little resemblance to the first wave: the women who fought for suffrage, property rights, access to education, and legal protection from domestic abuse.

Almost everything modern feminists claim is a lie. There is no wage gap. If there is a patriarchy, it is nowhere near as powerful as the PC elite of which feminists are a crucial component. The statistics feminists quote about rape culture are insane and false. The real rape culture is the third world, which the West is rapidly importing so leftist politicians can have votes and the clueless public can have good feels – right up until they get beheaded.

Faux-minism's number one contribution to our culture is “reproductive rights.” It's confusing, because everything male is supposed to be #theworst, but these chicks will go to great lengths to make feminism the antithesis of femininity, including accepting the male body as normative by denying the fact of their wombs. Feminism means we are expected to pump ourselves full of chemicals and pay butchers to suck our children out of us so we can pursue our rewarding careers as freelance graphic artists and avoid the gross grossness of motherhood.

"Damn, I miss my cubicle."

Meanwhile, feminists insist on the vilification of the mean straight dudes who actually want marriage and children. They are the evil patriarchy. The faux-minist, because she is a retard, would rather be in an eleven-year semi-committed relationship with a DJ whose stage name is a pun about kale, until he dumps her for a 24-year-old with Zooey Deschanel bangs and a tattoo of a cupcake. By this time the faux-minist is 39 and her ovaries are turning to dust and she's been on birth control for so long that if she stops taking it her uterus will drop out of her like a rusty transmission.

This is porn for hipsters.

Abortion is not for women. It makes women sad and sometimes hurts or kills them. Abortion is the douchebag's best friend. It lets him use women for sex and leave them with the consequences.

The one thing feminists are right about is porn culture. Unfortunately, feminists are at least partly the cause. About half of them are shrieking viragos who make 2D vaginas seem like an improvement. The other half are “sex positive” and can't wait to objectify their own stupid selves. (See celebminists like Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Miley Cyrus.)

The answer to porn culture isn't censorship. It is self-awareness and personal responsibility. Ladies, you feel like shit when you read Cosmo because the first 60 pages show what you'll never look like and the rest shows you how you can make up the difference with eyeshadow and blowjobs. Stop reading it.

Many feminists are now welcoming transgender people into the fold (gross) of womanhood and insisting all women do so. A man who wants to hack off his wang because of a mental disorder will never be a woman. He needs help accepting the biological fact of his gender, not exploitation by Commies and an unethical surgeon who will take his money, deform his genitals, and make him twenty times more likely to kill himself.

A while back, I called out Milo Yiannopoulos for writing an article on Breitbart in which he warned women that they were going to be replaced by sex robots who look like Jessica Alba. I thought he was just hating on ladies, but I was wrong. Since then, I've heard him praise the common-sense equity feminism of great women like Christina Hoff Sommers. He exposes faux-minists for what they are: the psychotic endgame of Communist cultural infiltration. Milo's point is if women don't stop telling men they're everything that's wrong with the world, those men are going to turn to Jessica Alba's blessed silence and rubbery vagina.

*nags silently*
Feminists are making things worse between men and women, for the same reason Black Lives Matter only worsens bigotry against blacks. (Note to humans: if you want people to accept your movement, don't call them names and set their shit on fire.)

Some men are terrible; most men are not. They fight wars so we don't have to wear burqas. Their work is more dangerous and their hours are longer – hence the mythical “wage gap.” This may shock you, but women don't apply for jobs that require them to wear orange vests and operate jackhammers on the freeway. I know several feminists who are supported by daddies, either their fathers while they go to college and learn to hate him, or their husbands who work while they stay home. If that is the patriarchy, women are enjoying it. Women might even need it.

In the movie Office Space, an IT guy with the unfortunate name of Michael Bolton is asked, “Why don't you just change your name?” He replies, “Why should I be the one to change it? He's the one who sucks.”

Why should we give the word feminist to women who have made it synonymous with baby-killing, man-hating, and victimhood? They're the ones who suck.

Instead of being an anti-feminist, be a dissident-feminist. Much of the world could really use some old-fashioned first-wave equity feminism. As dissident-feminists, we should fight the true common enemies of women: the real rape culture of the third world, the real misogyny of abortion, the real patriarchy of political correctness, and the real war on women perpetrated by feminists themselves.


  1. Thank you for writing truth. I also read your latest post on breaking up with feminism. It's a lot to absorb but I'll be thinking about it for the next few days. Again, thank you for speaking so much truth.

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