Monday, December 12, 2016

Everything Wrong With This Vapid Social Justice "Christmas Card"

An alert reader sent me some potent blog fuel this morning: the above screenshot of a female blogger's valiant attempt to make me puke coffee into my mouth.

Whitney Roberts Logan's "About" section on Facebook simply reads, "I have no idea what I'm doing." I have a strong suspicion this is the only thing about which Whitney and I will agree.

In case your eyeballs exploded when you saw the screenshot, let me recreate it for you.

Here is a beautiful photograph of a gorgeous white family enjoying the holiday: an attractive young woman with her husband and adorable child. From the perspective, it looks like Dad is taking this photo selfie-style, but whoever took it, they left plenty of negative space for their "positive" messaging.

Across this negative space -- and partially covering their daughter's head (VISUAL IRONY!) -- is the message:


Maybe in her zeal to virtue-signal and take a big political shit all over everybody's holiday, Whitney forgot to think through this comparison thoroughly and said something apocalyptically stupid on accident. But she seems committed to it. She even tripled down by sharing the post three times -- on her personal Facebook, her writer page, and on Pantsuit Nation, a Hillary-inspired page for touchy-feely feministing.

But maybe I'm being too tough on her. Maybe Whitney is just what she is claiming to be -- a way better Christian than I am. Maybe she knows the Bible better than I do. I mean, she has a blog called Healing My Religion! Surely if she can heal that shit, she knows a lot about it.

See, I'm not a Bible scholar, so I must have missed the part where Jesus and 100,000 other Jesuses went to the United States and got on welfare.

In what chapter of which book did Jesus participate in the mass sexual assault of German women in Cologne? Was Jesus one of the gang of migrants who assaulted young women at a music festival? Is that why the authorities conspired in a coverup of this horror? To protect Jesus?

How many people did Jesus kill in Paris? Shoot in Orlando? Stab in Ohio?

Even if we assume for the sake of argument that Jesus was in some way "a Middle Eastern refugee," we are willfully ignoring the fact that current Middle Eastern refugees are not Jesus.

For a Christian, Whitney Roberts Logan thinks little of Christians. She is assuming that Christians are upset because refugees flooded Europe and the U.S. preaching the Gospel, turning the other cheek, and building shit out of wood.

Middle Eastern "refugees" are a hodgepodge of relatively benign economic migrants, less benign ideological invaders, criminals, and terrorists. They are collapsing a welfare system they are not paying into and which was designed for citizens. They are creating enclaves of chaos into which native police will not go. They are bringing socially regressive attitudes about women with them. They want to criminalize homosexuality - yes, even European Muslims.

Point to the parts of the Bible where Jesus does any of that, please. I think I missed that bit of the New Testament where Jesus honor-kills Mary Magdalene and throws fags in jail.

This is the first and probably last time I'll ever use this term, but Whitney needs to check her privilege. This Western woman gets to move about safely in her pristine suburb in the U.S. and judge other people for having a problem with refugees, all in the name of Christianity.

Last week I published a post about illegal immigrants taking over my neighborhood, and some commented that Mexican culture is American culture because that's what a "melting pot" means, and if I don't like it I should move. Many  -- perhaps all -- of the people who said that to me live in majority-white neighborhoods. How about we switch places, since you like it so much here? Tell me how American it feels to get woken up by accordion music and roosters.

Meanwhile, Whitney can go hang out in a Muslim ghetto in Germany or Belgium or France or Sweden. She can walk around in Western clothes and see how long it takes for "Jesus" to rape her. Better yet, invite some "refugees" to move into your house, Whitney! I'm sure they would find a way to work around your beta male husband.

Whitney, it is mean, un-Christian assholes like me who actually care what happens to you and your daughter and even Sweater Boy. I may be crude, I may not say sweet, lovey-dovey things, but I actually give a shit whether nice families like yours get raped to death. I actually care about the women who are being terrorized across Europe because their political leaders decided to import voters. Oh, sorry, I meant "decided to be good Christians."

On your Facebook page you bravely claim to be "unpopular" while posting vapid, feelings-based horseshit like this un-Christian, anti-Western, ethnomasochistic "Christmas" card.

The casualties of "being nice" are piling up around people like you, and you're too busy sipping a pumpkin spice latte with your bestie to smell the bodies. David Mamet said, "Kindness to the wicked is cruelty to the righteous." Do you not get that when you are nice to bad people, good people get hurt? Your childish insistence on boiling the entire complicated, dangerous issue of Islamic mass migration down to "be nice like Jesus" is proof that you are in over your head and need to go sit down and color while the adults figure shit out.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Western men throughout history have died fighting people like the ones we are now inviting into our countries by the hordes. They fought to preserve the Christianity you are now polluting with your vapid platitudes. They fought to create and preserve the West, the culture that created you, the society that gave birth to your freedom and privilege and comfort, all so that you can sit safely inside it and judge the people who want to preserve it, say we are not real Christians, intimate that we don't know Jesus like you do.

Any other time of year, I might say something like, "Fuck you, Whitney." But it's Christmastime, so I'm not going to be a judgy bitch like you. Instead I'm going to say, "Merry Christmas."

 You should try it next time.


  1. ugh. i could barely manage to read this post aloud to my mother.

    cos "apocalyptically" is fucking DIFFICULT TO SAY OUT LOUD, KRISTEN. IT'S TRICKY.

  2. I wish my dad was alive to read this. He would have loved you!