Tuesday, February 18, 2014

So Maybe I'm Not Totally 100% Leaving The Pro-Life Movement

Hey, guys. So. It's been a while.

I don't really feel like posting a long "catching up" paragraph, so let's just hit the high points:

1. We live in Texas now. It's pretty kickass.

2. I work in live music again, for the same company, sitting at the same desk in my old office with my old boss and co-workers, which is both weird and awesome.

3. I've officially been cast in a play. It's a comedy, it opens in May, and I play a conniving harlot of a washed-up actress. I sincerely cannot wait to start rehearsing and performing.

4. Still no baby, unfortunately, but we have some irons in the fire. (That's a weird metaphor to use when discussing babies, but I'm gonna stand by it. No babies were burned during the making of that sentence.)

5. I have a dog. His name in George. He makes me insane 78% of the time but I love him a lot.

Okay so now let me say what I was going to say.

There's nothing in my last blog post that I would like to take back. I still feel very deeply like I don't belong in the pro-life movement. 

And that's why I'm kinda/sorta getting back into it.

It all started not long after I posted that last blog, when someone - and I'm sorry I don't remember who you are - commented that she wished instead of leaving (in part) because I felt like I was having to censor myself, I would instead just stop censoring myself and let the movement adjust.

That made me think. It never really left my mind.

I've also remained semi-involved with New Wave Feminists through my good friend Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, and watching what they do has reinforced what I said before: they are the future of pro-life.

I don't want to minimize what other good people do for the cause. Live Action's undercover videos, Stand True's youth outreach, Feminists for Life's work with college students... all these things are great.

But New Wave Feminists are vital because they meet women where they live: in their language, with their concerns, and providing an alternative to pro-choice culture that is intelligent, funny, conversational, and familiar. 

NWF eschews tactics that make us look like assholes, among them graphic images, an aggressive sidewalk presence, and being creepy about religion.

(Don't ask me what "being creepy about religion" means. If you don't know what it means, you are probably creepy about religion. Okay, one example. Standing on a sidewalk outside a clinic is not creepy. Praying is not creepy. Carrying a Bible is not creepy. But standing on a sidewalk outside a clinic praying really loud with your eyes tightly closed and a Bible waving around above your head is creepy.)

Instead, New Wave Feminists use humor and reason as their primary tools in converting and educating people. And that's what is going to win. We have an argument. We have an excellent argument. But it's a different argument for everyone.

The Biblical argument is not going to convince every person. The argument from the Non-Aggression Principle is not going to convince every person. 

Because abortion is absolutely, morally wrong, you don't diminish your argument by tailoring it to the person. It remains wrong. But how you explain it must change depending on to whom you are speaking. 

New Wave Feminists understand that. They do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to converting hearts. Sometimes it's the Bible, sometimes it's a hilarious meme featuring douchebags from Jersey Shore.

If Truth lives in every human heart, somewhere deep down - and I have to believe it does - there is a way to convince everyone. But only if we're flexible. Only if we look at each person we approach as a human being with their own beliefs and ideas.

Do you remember Al Pacino in The Godfather III? The really shitty final sequel with Sofia Coppola? "Just when I think I'm out they pull me back in," Don Corleone said of the damned dirty Mafia.

The pro-life movement is my Mafia, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Just when I thought I was leaving it all behind, God sent this assault of people questioning my beliefs, forcing me to defend the pro-life position. And as I was doing so - over and over again, in a variety of different ways, in person and in writing - I realized this has to be a part of my life.

Not because I want it. I don't. I really don't. But apparently God wants it.

So here's the thing: I'm going to be involved. But I'm going to do it as me. God called me, not a watered-down, false version of me who doesn't want to piss anyone off. 

Since humor is what I know and where I come from, I'm going to use it. I'll offend some people, probably, and I'll bum some people out because "oh lawdy look what the pro-life movement has becoooome!"

More than anybody else, I want to reach out to my fellow libertarians, because of all people who should be pro-life, it's them. And women. God, yes. Women. We have to stop ruining shit for ourselves.

But if I'm going to do this, if I'm going to invest the emotional and mental and spiritual energy in the pro-life cause, I'm going to be myself. 

I'm going to fly my freak flag. 

I'm going to use my sense of humor, my turn of phrase, my propensity to say "shit" a lot, and all you see here. Because watering the Kristen down only tells women like me - women who have tattoos and watch "South Park" and yell ''FUCKING SHIT FUCK FUCK!" in traffic - that they don't belong in the world of pro-life.

And they do. 

Everyone does.

So if someone says to you, "Wow, that Kristen Hatten person is really making the pro-life movement look bad," you can respond:

 "No, she's making it look like reality, which - incidentally - is where abortions happen."


  1. "oh lawdy look what the pro-life movement has becoooome!"

    DEAR GOD, I hope so!! You rock hard. Kick some ass Kristen.

  2. Fly your flag Marla Kristen ...fly it real good. :0)

    1. I cain't write very much because Gonorrhea and Eucalyptus is sick and frowin up in my weabe.

  3. Yay!!! So glad you're back as a fellow voice of Christian Libertarian Feminist freaks, like me! (Selfish of me, yes. But we need someone with your skills!)
    Fellow Freak,

  4. none of your other commenters will want to be my friend.

    but that's okay because fuck them. good article, you heathen pagan you.


    1. what are you doing on this page, you godless pinko!?

      jay-kay, fartface, i love the shit out of you.

  5. Kristen...very glad you are back!!! You were one of my favorite commenters on LAN and when I followed the link to NWF the first time, I read every single article. I tried linking your article about caring less what women do with their vaginas as long as they weren't killing the baby to RH Reality Check but they censored it. They were quoting some author saying that the pro life movement was just about controlling women's sexuality and I immediately went to your article because it completely disproved what they were saying. One of the commenters on LAN (I think it was Mama Bear), said that "she missed Kristen" after I posted on LAN about linking your article.

    I'm a libertarian Christian and absolutely think that your style and honesty are a blessing for the pro life movement!! I hope you reengage with your excellent writing skills.

    John Lind

    1. John, thank you. I don't know if I'll write for LAN again - I probably will if they'll have me - but I'm not surprised at all that RH censored something. They are not particularly interested in the truth. Thanks for reading and for commenting. I appreciate it. God bless.

  6. Hi Kristen - I read you all the time at LiveAction and I just wanted to say - responding partly to this post and partly to the one before it - that I never looked at your articles there and thought you were "not one of us." I looked at your articles there and thought that you were, while not "one of me," exactly, a heck of a lot closer to one of me than most people in the pro-life movement, or at least the vast majority of the publicly-recognized "face of the movement" types. Reading your articles, I saw somebody I could understand.