Monday, November 1, 2010

Tree Canopy Village

Courtesy Zevs.Net

 I want to live in a Tree Canopy Village.

Do you remember that movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, where all the outlaws live in the forest, and they create a village of treehouses connected by wooden bridges, and they hoist their food and beverages and young up the trees using ropes and pulleys, and they have big bonfires on the ground and eat mutton and drink mead, and they dance around the fires in circles wearing cloaks and whatnot, and occasionally call out, "You! Boy! Fetch me a flagon of ale!"

I want to live there.

All I need are the following:

A forested parcel of land
Lumber and tools and whatnot
Burly, strapping men

Having taken a thorough inventory of my current assets, I discover that I have approximately none of these things. Obtaining them should not be a problem, though. Ideally the forested land would be located in Britain somewhere for the appropriate atmosphere. Lumber and tools can't be too hard to come by, and if the movies have taught me anything, it's that Scotland is literally teeming with burly, strapping men. After that, a little mead and some mutton, and I imagine the villagers will be flocking to my Tree Canopy Village.

If anyone knows where I can acquire the necessary forest, tools, and people (for free), you know where to find me. (Here.)

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