Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why Conservatives Should Go To College


Why should conservatives go to college?

Short answer: to destroy it.

But let's go into more detail.

I am what is currently called, in our euphemism-obsessed culture, a "non-traditional" student. That is a cuddly way of saying I'm too old be in college, but I'm in college nevertheless.

My reasons for going back are complicated. I had been stuck in a dead-end job for several years. I was constantly looking for other work, but I live in a major metropolis and while jobs are plentiful, competition for jobs that pay well is fierce. I'm talking $12 an hour receptionist jobs with "College Degree Preferred" listed in the requirements.

Also, I always regretted not finishing my degree. My grandfather, who was very dear to me, told me on his death bed to get a college education. I was the oldest grandchild in a working class family and would be the first to earn a bachelor's degree. (When I graduate in December, I will still be the first among my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and first cousins.) "An education is the only thing no one can take away from you," he told me not long before his death.

I had little guidance, no work ethic, and an egocentric adolescent brain when I first attempted college. I dropped out and left my transcript littered with Fs.

It always bothered me.

Then one night I was watching a Ron White comedy special -- I'm from Texas and therefore required by law to do this periodically -- and Ron was telling a story about hanging out with Dr. Phil. Apropos of nothing in the story, he mentioned asking Dr. Phil what someone could do to feel better about himself and his life. Dr. Phil suggested, "Finish what you start."

All I know about Dr. Phil is that he's extremely popular with fat housewives. Nevertheless, the advice stuck with me, and I started thinking about finishing my degree, maybe even getting a better job.

Long story short, I went back. After more than a year of working alongside my full-time schooling, and on the heels of my husband's promotion, I quit work to concentrate solely on my studies. I graduate in a few months, and I'm in an accelerated master's program which applies credits to both my undergrad and graduate degrees. A year after my BA, I'll have an MA. And I don't know if I'll stop there.

In light of the current political climate on American campuses, conservatives and libertarians are understandably critical of the university system and the cultural Marxist indoctrination that passes for education therein. The right wing is now encouraging high school graduates to question whether college is necessary, and to consider learning a trade or going directly into the work force instead.

Every time Ben Shapiro goes to a campus he breaks it. Source:

I agree that college isn't for everyone, maybe even isn't for most people, and is certainly not "a human right." (Sorry, Bernie.) I agree that the decision whether or not to attend college is a serious one, and should not be a foregone conclusion for all high school graduates. By all means, kids, consider carefully whether the financial commitment is worth it, as well as the expenditure of time and energy, particularly if a degree will involve -- as it often does -- significant debt.

My concern, though, is that we will take our legitimate skepticism of university education too far, and throw the baby out with the gross patchouli-scented, Berkeley-leg-hair-infested bath water.

The problem with conservatives eschewing college is we need conservatives in academia. The professors are already majority left-wing and, as a result, so are the students. It's bad enough as it is; if we all leave, it gets worse. As Dr. Duke Pesta pointed out, mainstream culture is five or ten years behind the university. Campus culture is hugely influential on the culture at large, for obvious reasons: these people graduate and bring their thoroughly washed brains into the business world, into non-profits, corporations, journalism, media, and various industries; into homes and families and letters-to-the-editor and social media and public discourse at large.

Anyone who's been paying attention knows that though communists failed in their overt mission to conquer the West, they profoundly succeeded via the insidious ideologies of cultural Marxism at transforming the West. They infiltrated our culture through the media, Hollywood, and especially academia.

I'm on campus every day -- in a humanities department, no less -- and I can promise you it's worse than you think. Students are taught to view the world through the cultural Marxist paradigm of oppressor vs. oppressed. Every period of history, every piece of literature, every social construct, is analyzed to determine who is the victim, and who is making them the victim.

The "problem of whiteness," systemic racism, xenophobia -- these topics are brought up regularly in my literature and philosophy courses. I can only imagine what the political science department is like.

We need more conservative professors, which means we need more conservatives to choose to remain in academia.

Why would they? Good question. A conservative on campus walks an endless tightrope between remaining true to his principles and doing well in school, between having a social life and being himself, between honesty and good grades. It's seldom easy, never simple, and the opposite of fun.

We have to do it anyway. Not only do we need a stronger presence in academia -- as students and especially as faculty -- we need to refuse to allow leftists to have a monopoly on scholarship. High levels of learning and publishing should not be the exclusive purview of communists. I want more conservatives and libertarians publishing on literature, art, culture, philosophy, and history. I envision a day when I don't have to pore through masses of queer, feminist, Marxist, and Freudian theory to find a good recent peer-reviewed article on the piece of literature I'm studying.

We should be critical of college, but we should not give up on higher learning. We should fight for our place in it and take it back. It goes without saying there is nothing remotely wrong with being a plumber or an entrepreneur, but if you have an aptitude for scholarship, don't let the commies scare you away from pursuing the academic life. America's future depends on you.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Stop Saying These 5 Dumb Things About Immigration

Well, it's all over the Internet that Trump is going to put a stop to DACA, which means about 800,000 so-called Dreamers could be up for deportation.

A lot of people are talking about this, and most of what they say is dumb. Let's take a look at the top 5 dumbest things I hear all the freaking time about immigration.


5. "But what about the CHIIILLDREENNN?"

People love to use children as political pawns in all kinds of debates, from gun control to free speech to -- of course -- immigration. The "how dare you deport a 5-year-old wtf wrong is with you" argument gets brought up by people who are (a) lazy, and/or (b) trying to manipulate your emotions. Don't let them.

I don't want to see any child hurt, nor do the vast majority of Americans. But this has become a hostage situation. When someone kidnaps a U.S. soldier, for instance, and demands we release prisoners in exchange, our policy is not to negotiate with terrorists. This policy exists because positively reinforcing terrorism leads to more terrorism. The soldier may get hurt, but it wasn't our decision to hurt him. Similarly, we cannot be blamed for the fate of children whose parents chose to illegally immigrate to another country with their children.

We will be to blame, though, for children who get brought over here as a result of our lax policies, and our immigration policy has been too lax for too long. There is no way to begin fixing it without a major transition, and as a rule, transitions are painful. Illegal immigrants are using their children as human shields. We cannot allow them to continue doing this.

This is the message we currently send to the Third World: "There is a long process to become a citizen, but if you get here, and have children, we will give you housing assistance, food stamps, free medical care, and free lunch and education for your children. You may break our laws, take advantage of programs meant for citizens, overburden an already struggling welfare system, and suffer no repercussions for coming here illegally."

Emotion can no longer enter into this debate. Americans simply cannot afford to continue accepting immigrants at the current rate. And while you watch so-called "Dreamers" wave Mexican flags and flip off TV cameras, remember that this country they are condemning for its terrible lack of generosity takes in more immigrants than all other countries in the world combined.

David Mamet said, "Kindness to the wicked is cruelty to the righteous." When we reward illegal behavior, when we lavish "social services" on people who don't pay into the programs, we harm Americans, especially poor and black Americans. What about their children?

4. "This is a nation of immigrants!"

No. This is a nation of settlers. This is a nation of colonists. The people who settled this country were predominantly Western Europeans. There were other people living here already. We call them Native Americans and pretend like they already had a country when we got here. They didn't. They were primitive tribal people constantly at war with one another. We conquered them and took their land, just as they constantly conquered each other and took each other's land. They fought hard, and we sometimes fought dirty. (So did they, by the way.) But we did not take a country from anyone. There was no country here.

Fast forward to years later, and the United States abode by an immigration policy that required foreigners applying for citizenship to prove they could contribute to society in a meaningful way. We imported lots of Europeans and people with college degrees. This is the general rule in just about every other country, including Mexico, until very recently when Europe decided to rape itself with "refugees."

Then, in 1965, Democrats in Congress -- led by Ted Kennedy -- passed the Immigration Reform Act, which basically said that unless you favor immigrants from peasant populations, you are a country of filthy racists. Since then, we have imported more poor people from Third World countries than other parts of the world. In fact, we consistently have Norwegian doctors and German physicists waiting patiently for citizenship and even green cards, while peasants with grade school educations from regressive, violent, socialist countries pour across the border. Which brings me to number 3...

3. "As a Christian nation we're supposed to help the poor!"

True dat. But immigration doesn't help the poor. There are billions -- note the b -- of poor people in the world. Even the tens of millions we have allowed in this country don't amount to a drop in the bucket toward fixing world poverty. In fact, just like aid to Africa has made economies worse continent-wide, and just like welfare has turned black and brown America into a dependent underclass, the relatively easy out provided by immigration is making the Third World worse.

Remember that immigrating costs money even when it's illegal. It requires capital and physical and mental stamina to get here and get settled. This means the people who actually have the means and wherewithal to fix a broken country like Mexico are abandoning it for greener pastures. Meanwhile their grass gets even more yellow -- and so does ours. Both the country of origin and the target country suffer from illegal immigration, especially when you consider the millions of dollars drained from our economy every year and sent back "home," most of which goes into the pocket of Mexican uber-oligarch Carlos Slim -- who, by the way, holds a controlling stake in The New York Times. (If you noticed their editorial stance on illegal immigration turn dramatically and suddenly "pro" a few years ago, now you know why.)

If we wanted to help the poor, we would deport illegal immigrants, close our borders, phase out the welfare state, and become an example to the world of what free markets can do to lift populations out of poverty.

2. "There's room for everyone!"

It's hilarious that the same people who bandy this phrase about are often believers in catastrophic overpopulation that's going to kill everyone via horrific famine in like five years because petroleum is Satan's cough syrup.

I will agree that there is, technically, room for everyone. In fact, you could fit everyone in the world in the state of Texas and still have a lower density population than New York City. But you're forgetting that one person requires much more than a few meters' worth of resources to support.

How it actually works is: people congregate. Immigrants go where they can get work and other resources. They go to cities with free public schools and cheap public transportation. That we know of, 70% of immigrant families are receiving welfare services. They are taking resources from a system they haven't contributed to in any meaningful way. So while there may be physical room for everyone, there is not economic, infrastructural, or cultural room. Speaking of which...

Via @navyhato on Twitter. Sourcing not necessarily an endorsement.

1. "Diversity is our strength!"

The saying goes: if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes true.

There are variations to this myth, "America is a melting pot!" being a very popular one. This is a platitude most of us began hearing in elementary school. Unfortunately it's not true. Until Ted Kennedy's 1965 reform bill, most immigrants to the United States -- a country founded and colonized by Europeans -- were (surprise!) European! For its first couple centuries Americans were, predominantly, of European Protestant descent.

The word "European" is now a racist buzzword. We're supposed to think "European" is code for "white" and "white" is code for "I hate everyone who isn't white."

The truth is, you don't have to be a white supremacist, white nationalist, Nazi, or whatever Richard Spencer is to understand that "diversity" is a code word for "not white."

Nobody worries that Japan is too Japanese or that Nigeria is too black or Colombia is too Colombian. But we worry that every European country is too white.

I attend a university where about 60% of the students are Asian. When I go to the pub or the library or the student union, I see groups of Indian kids, Chinese kids, Korean kids, Middle Eastern kids. They congregate together, not because there is a university rule forcing them to, but because it is natural, normal, and human to form peer groups with people who share a common language, culture, and value system.

If you were to plunk me down into the middle of a group of Indian kids, nobody would have a good time. I might learn some math, but in general it would be awkward and feel unnatural.

When people come here from illiberal, regressive Third World countries they bring their cultures and values with them. Peasant countries have problems -- among them higher rates of sexual assault and murder. In South America, littering is a problem, so now -- because I live in a working class neighborhood in Texas -- littering is my problem. All the sudden in the past few years I find myself picking more and more food wrappers off my lawn. But I'm getting off easy compared to the women of France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden getting raped by "refugees." Not to mention the women of the American Midwest being sold into sex slavery by Somali "refugees."

Even among immigration populations everyone points to as "the good ones," there are problems. Take Indians. They are, as a rule, highly educated, have a strong work ethic, and do remarkably well here financially. They're far better off in the US than the average white person. But the simple fact is that these people come from a backward Third World shit hole where the dowry culture still holds sway, making life -- if they get to have it -- miserable for many women and girls. In fact, recently, an elderly couple were arrested for flying here from India to beat their son's wife for disobedience.

Some cultures are objectively better than others. If Somalia were objectively as good as America, they would be America, and they wouldn't be here committing credit card fraud and stabbing university students.

America is awesome and people are clamoring to come here because some Western Europeans with high IQs and great ideas created an incredible culture. Yes, it has had flaws, and yes we've striven and suffered to fix them. We are human and therefore imperfect. Good times have created weak men, as the saying goes, and now we are perhaps too materialistic, soft, nihilistic, and self-defeating. But no other country has brought so much liberty and prosperity to so many, ever, in the history of the world.

If we want to keep what we have, there is no other way forward than to curb and even temporarily suspend immigration, starting with the kind that disregards our laws while benefiting from our generosity.

Leftist politicians don't care about poor people, brown or otherwise. They care about votes, power, and money. Illegal immigration benefits them and hurts regular people, especially the American poor. Elizabeth Warren gets a cheap housekeeper and more votes. What do I get? Pedophiles in my neighborhood, litter on my lawn, and the label of "racist" if I complain about it.

American children deserve better than to have their future sold for votes. The children of American citizens are our responsibility. The children of DACA are the responsibility of the parents who brought them here. I wish them well, but it's time for the citizens of other countries to take ownership of those countries, and leave us ours.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Allow Me to Explain Why Feminists Love Islam

Poster art for the Women's March on Washington

Until about eight years ago, I was a big-time liberal. A straight-up Commo. In fact, my having been on the Other Side is the sharpest implement in my tool belt. Nobody can tell me I'm not open-minded, that I haven't considered another perspective. I been all up in that other perspective. I lived it, publicly, on MySpace. (I'm old.)

I was not a snuggly moderate-left liberal like John McCain. I was what most right-wingers would call a left-wing nutcase. I was a reader of Mother Jones and Noam Chomsky's barely-intelligible books. I got Ralph Nader to speak at my college in 2004. I had a nostril piercing, bisexual proclivities, and a subscription to The Nation (in print, no less). I would blow my friend's minds with ideas gleaned from Culture Jam and CrimethInc., ideas about dumpster diving, armed revolution, shoplifting because fuck corporations, and quitting our jobs because work is slavery to consumerism. I was a raw vegan. I believed George W. Bush orchestrated 9/11 in cooperation with Saudi Arabia so they could invade Iraq for oil profits. I believed Condoleezza Rice was a traitor to her race and gender, and Dick Cheney was the troll under the bridge from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."

I was as far left as a person can go before she puts on a balaclava and hurls a Molotov cocktail at a World Bank official. And even I am astounded by the unholy alliance of feminism and Islam.

However, for several years now, I've been able to honestly say I understand the left's arguments. They even came out of my mouth once. They're not beyond my comprehension; they're just wrong. I woke up to the irrationality of my belief system and the cognitive dissonance at its core, and I have stayed, as it were, woke. So I had faith in my ability to figure out what this feminism-Islam link is all about, and I think I did it.


Allow me to take you back about nine tempestuous months. After the 2016 presidential election, I emerged from a cocoon of self-imposed Internet exile and started trying to figure out why everybody hated Donald Trump so much. The hatred was alarmingly rabid and made the anti-Bush mania of the early 2000s look cuddly by comparison.

At that point, I didn't like Trump, though I knew little about him. (My mistake.) His detractors, however, made him look like a saint by comparison. The level of vindictive, vile filth hurled at the man and his family was almost shocking to me, and I'm not easily shocked. One by one I looked at the accusations against him, and found almost all of them -- especially the big ones, like the October surprise sexual assault accusations -- groundless.

Feminists utterly loathe Donald Trump because they think he might have grabbed a pussy once. But they love Islam, arguably the most misogynistic ideology polluting the globe today. After watching hours of cringey YouTube videos of feminists weeping about Trump's election, imagine my surprise when I then saw footage from the Women's March on Washington featuring a Muslim woman putting an American flag hijab on an American woman, who then hugged her and cried. And I sat there with my jaw scraping the floor, whispering to myself something like "Whaaaaaaaaaaa...?"

In 1979, Iranian women protested in the streets against a law that would require them to wear the hijab. Before the Islamic revolution, Iran had miniskirts and rock 'n' roll. Now it is a regressive Islamic terrorist state, and America -- the country that has stood for more than 200 years as a beacon of freedom and liberal values -- is embracing the hijab as a symbol of women's empowerment.

Why? How? Just... what?

Allow me to explain this insanity. Islam and feminism have a common goal: the destruction of Western civilization. American feminism has its roots in communism by way of cultural Marxism. Feminism, in fact, is the most potent flavor of cultural Marxism spicing up our society today. The overarching goal of feminism was never making women's lives better, but destabilizing the family by creating an adversarial relationship between women and their husbands and children. As the family goes, so goes culture, and so goes civilization.

The real women's march: Iranian women protest compulsory wearing of the hijab, 1979.

Need proof? Check out the state of the black family and how its devolution has happened alongside the devolution of black culture. In just a few generations, they went from Nat King Cole to Young Jeezy. To be fair, American culture overall is not doing much better. Black people started out at a disadvantage, and white guilt made everything worse with welfare. We created an entire dependent underclass because we felt sorry for them, and now there is a veritable crisis in the black community, with about 3/4 of black kids being born out of wedlock, many of whom have never met their dads or seen anybody in their house hold down a job. The kid's mom might actually be his grandma, and maybe she is on welfare and so are her kids and so will her grandkids be, because it has become a generational entitlement rather than the "hand-up" it was supposed to have been.

I go into detail with this example because at about 13% of the US population, the black community is something of a microcosm we can look at to understand why the state of the family is so important. As welfare incentivized having children out of wedlock rather than getting married, we saw more and more women remaining unwed and relying on Big Daddy Gub'mint as a paltry stand-in for a father. In fact, the main problem the black community faces has nothing to do with race, per se. It has to do with single motherhood. Across all ethnic groups, being born to a single mom is a major risk factor for future unemployment, criminal behavior, even psychological problems. A destabilized family destabilizes people, and destabilized people do not a stable society make.

See the video here, it's amazing:
When you consider that the goal of both communist-feminism -- hell, let's just call it femmunism -- and Islamism is to bring Western society crashing down, it makes more sense that femmunists should look the other way when it comes to Islam's uncomfortable history of violent misogyny, pedophilia, homophobia, and across-the-board illiberal, regressive values.

We live in BackwardsLand, y'all. Antifa (suposedly an anti-fascist group) are fascists, neo-"Nazis" are not socialists, feminists defend Islam, and gays blame Christians for Islamic violence against gays. Meanwhile President Trump, trying with all his might to make it harder for bad guys to rape, kill, and oppress women, gays, and everyone else, can't catch a break. This guy can't stink up the bathroom without it making the front page of every news outlet in America.

Right now I picture half the country as a teenage girl with "Daddy is mean" syndrome. She's slamming the door in Daddy's house and sulking on the bed Daddy bought under the safety of Daddy's roof, blaming Daddy for her every self-inflicted problem, all because Daddy won't let the neighborhood thugs, rapists, and madmen in to have their way with her.

"Daddy has rules for a reason, honey."

Now that you know why feminists and Islamists are in bed together, you don't have to rip your hair out when you consider this oddball duo. You'll still probably cry yourself to sleep about it, but at least you'll know why the monstrosity exists.

I really wanted to close this blog with a still from the Paula Abdul video for "Opposites Attract" with their heads replaced with Linda Sarsour's and Lena Dunham's. But I'm not that good at Photoshop, so someone needs to go do this. I'll give you $100,000.00.*

*May not be true.

The Most Interesting Thing About the Alt-Left


What's interesting about the alt-left is that it's not interesting.

Berkeley isn't Russia in 1917. It's not even Paris in 1968. No amount of genuine suffering has gone into the formation of the alt-left. These are not tragic peasants or earnest philosophers. They are, for the most part, merely following fashion. "Punching Nazis" is the 2017 equivalent of wearing acid wash jeans to the skating rink in 1989. It's something you do because it's fun and easy and makes you look cool to the people you want to impress.

Russia lost herself to Bolshevism in large part because poverty made her vulnerable. It is poverty, too, that has made young Americans - especially university students -- vulnerable, but it is a different type of poverty. It is poverty of spirit, poverty of intellect, poverty of curiosity, and a diminished capacity to learn and recognize truth.

Where did it come from, this worldwide paucity of knowledge among the most highly educated people in the world?

Having been, by accident of birth or other circumstances, plucked from the fated toil of common men and placed in air conditioned buildings to talk about books and ideas all day, the student has not yet learned what it is to work for someone else, to pay the bills when there isn't enough money, to pick up extra shifts instead of seeing your friends or family, to glumly eye the bite from your paycheck taken by taxes, to put food in your own mouth by your own work, to put food in the mouth and clothes on the back of someone else who depends on you, to go tired from work to the grocery store to buy Ramen for the rest of the month, to ask your landlord to let you pay half the rent later because your employer cut your hours rather than provide you health insurance under the new law. And so on.

Adulthood for most people means working, at work and at home, even when you are exhausted. Until you have worked -- not summers, not weekends, part time, after school, but for years, non-stop -- you aren't capable of fixing the world, because you don't know what it means to actually live in it.

Granted, it is entirely possible to have worked, lived, and suffered in the world, and still have no idea how to fix it. The most earnest philosophers, the most put-upon peasants, still destroyed Russia, among many other countries. We can agree, though, that those who have no skin in the game -- no families, no businesses, no needful employment -- are the least qualified to tell the rest of us how the world must be run.

Weapons seized by Portland PD at Antifa protest. Source: 

In a graduate seminar the other day, the professor began the class meeting by asking the class at large what we thought of our assigned reading for the week. The responses were exactly what I expected: remarks about the oppression of women, about race, class, and "gender roles." I heard the word "marginalized," "masculinity," and "exploitation" several times each. Occasionally I tried to steer the conversation toward the ideas in the book, what the author has to say about the human condition, the struggle of man against nature, and so on. I never succeeded for long. The discussion always veered back toward the cultural Marxist paradigm, the way these students have been trained to see the world: oppressor vs. oppressed. Someone is always the oppressor, someone is always oppressed. This limited and limiting model is applied to every work of literature I study, in every class.

The few true believers for whom the alt-left is a more serious pursuit than acid-wash-jeans-at-the-skating-rink are mostly students and college professors. When university students -- or professors, who are the same as university students except balder -- feel oppressed in real life, whether the oppression is real or utterly imagined, they know it has to be someone's fault. There must be an oppressor.

Looking at this another way, if a university student finds herself in disagreement with someone, that person must be an oppressor. These people, having been trained to separate the entire world into two simplistic categories, are not capable of critical thought or nuance. They have heard from every reliable source -- Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Rolling Stone, MSNBC, Facebook, Google, Lena Dunham, Beyonce, Bernie Sanders -- that Donald Trump is a racist and everyone who votes for him is a Nazi. Now they must save the world from these dark forces -- these oppressors -- and if the fate of the world is at stake, isn't it worth pepper-spraying a few total strangers in the face for saying words you don't like?

These people are not the suffering poor, and they are not radical thinkers. They are not thinkers at all. So far as they are formidable opponents, it is not because of their ideas, life experiences, or morals. They have none of these. What makes them dangerous is that they are irrational beings who have little experience with real-world consequences and zero doubts that the ends will justify any means whatsoever.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shit You See On Campus

I would attribute this to an artist but they don't believe in property so it's fine.

"If university is done right, it is a radically unsafe space." - Jordan Peterson

Today I'm starting a new series here at C.O.R. It's called Shit You See On Campus.

As a student at a large university in a major metropolitan area, I see -- as you might imagine -- a lot of shit on campus. My school is about 60% Asian (and I am including Indian students, who probably constitute the majority of that majority) and the bulk of them are majoring in computer science, engineering, and other useful, lucrative disciplines for which I have no aptitude. From my observations, especially in and around the library, they tend to study about 17 hours a day and only sleep -- draped across a library table -- every other Wednesday for six hours. Needless to say, my school is not terribly political when compared to, say, Berkeley or UT Austin. Most everyone is too busy overachieving.

But it's political enough. In fact, most of the political shit I hear is not from students, but faculty. Allow me to share a few examples from the two semesters I've spent here.

Let's begin with a professor of 19th century American literature -- originally from the south but having spent many years in the northeast, including teaching high school in New York. Immediately after the 2016 election, she casually mentioned that we were now living in "Trumpsylvania."

Pretty tame, right? Let's continue.

A lecturer on linguistics and English syntax repeatedly made reference to the insane, ridiculous state of affairs we were living in after Trump's election. "I know we're all a little in shock," he said, but was careful not to be too specific. He quoted from NPR a lot, and let class out early to go to a Louis C.K. performance.

Still not too egregious.

Another professor, this one specializing in South American literature and also hailing from New York, taught us to write an academic paper using as his primary example an essay critiquing capitalism in The Great Gatsby. As you probably guessed, the essay did indeed criticize capitalism as an ideology, not just its role in the novel. Another example he handed out was written by a New York Times columnist and focused on income inequality. I sat in the front row, and occasionally would notice the professor looking at Mother Jones. When I visited his office, I noticed a large portion of his books were on Cuba and Communism.

Just the other day, a philosophy professor interrupted a graduate seminar to joke that the "next thing we won't be able to do in bathrooms is speak German." I think this was supposed to be a joke about transgender bathroom laws, but it was a bad joke. He then said something sarcastic like, "Gotta love Texas!," and went on to say he would be making lots of Texas jokes because he was a die-hard Brooklyn guy. (I really wanted to ask, "If Brooklyn's so great, why have you been teaching in Texas for 25 years?" But it was the first day of class and I'm walking a fine line between chronicling the radness and graduating.)

A young history professor teaching an interdisciplinary course in the Digital Humanities led a class discussion on the "problem of whiteness" in the field, after having us read a long article on same. He is in his early 30s and from the Midwest. Oh, and white.

Pro-capitalist group shut down at a Miami college founded by Cubans fleeing communism.

Get ready for this:

A literature professor offered her students extra credit if they visited an intersectionality "booth" set up on campus on a Saturday. I had fucked up and forgotten to drop the class, and badly needed extra credit. So I went.

I walked up to the booth and she was standing there giving a mini-lecture on intersectionality theory to a few students. I joined them. It went something like this: "Okay, so, back during the third wave of feminism, it's like, feminists started to realize that, like, black feminists had a different experience than white feminists, and like Jewish feminists had a different experience than non-Jewish feminists, and they were like, Hey! We have different experiences! We're not all the same!" It went on from there in exactly the way you would expect. This woman has a PhD and is in her 40s. She's also an extremely popular professor.

After the lecture, I sat down at a rickety card table with several transgender persons to color my very own Intersection Al, a bizarro-world take on Flat Stanley which was basically a little cut-out 2D person on a popsicle stick. I was also reminded that I could cut out little wheelchairs to make my Al differently abled. Then I was to write down three intersections -- lesbian, disabled, mentally ill, Muslim, person of color, non-binary, etc. -- and get my picture made with it for the group Instagram account. When some guy was putting me and my Jewish feminist homeless vet on Instagram, he asked for my pronoun. The professor liked my Al so much she asked me to make another one. I did, and I gave my lesbian disabled trans-woman a cane to walk with, and that professor about died of happiness.

I didn't make any of that up.

This same professor, in a course on the science fiction and fantasy genre, gave students a brief rundown on Sad Puppies, describing it as an incident in which racists and misogynists tried to steal the genre from women and minorities. For those of you who aren't familiar with Sad Puppies, google it. What actually happened was real writers got fed up with sci-fi and fantasy being co-opted by shitty writers who happen to have the right political beliefs and decided to do something about it by having their fans help them sweep the awards cycle that year.

Then there is the hallway that houses the offices of the Arts & Humanities professors, which I call the Gauntlet of Virtue Signaling. It's just a row of doors plastered with self-righteousness: rainbow triangles, declarations that the interior of said office is a "Safe Space," kitschy photos of Chairman Mao, and -- most nauseatingly -- signs declaring that handguns are unwelcome within that particular office. (In Texas it is legal to carry on campus, but these profs -- all of them teach history, which means they got together and had a little commo huddle about this -- think they've found a way to block students from exercising their rights in their offices by putting up the one sign that can, in Texas, legally prohibit anyone from carrying where it is posted. However, if they'd bothered to look it up, they'd know that the sign has to be large enough for the letters to be an inch high or it is invalid. I know this because I took a class before I got my Concealed Handgun License. They care enough to be pretentious pricks, but not enough to google.)

True story: I was going to take a course from one of those history professors until I saw his retarded sign, at which point I dropped it. You can know all the history, but it doesn't mean you're drawing the right conclusions from it. This guy is teaching the history of Modern Europe and thinks disarming citizens is a good idea, which means he is an idiot.

You may be surprised to learn that I've gotten along great with almost all of my professors. I put my head down and didn't rock the boat (usually), and they were perfectly nice and I even learned a lot from a couple of them.

But you may be wondering, in this atmosphere, why I even bother, especially since I am working toward a worthless M.A. in Humanities. It's a valid question. The reason is: I don't want the left to ruin scholarship for me. I mean scholarship not in the sense of a lump of money, but in the sense of scholar-hood. I still think it is important to study the arts, to read books and think about them, to study history and learn from it, to look at works of art and analyze them, to create our own works of art.

They don't get to have that.

Now, sure, one can do those things outside academia. But why should I have to leave a program in which I am, admittedly, getting some valuable instruction? Do we really want a country in which we can't send our children to any universities because they are all communist indoctrination camps? We're more than halfway there. We have to stop fleeing academia and instead remain there and reclaim our right to be scholars.

I don't plan to spend my life in academia. My goals lie in the private sector. But for what I want to do, advanced studies in literature, history, philosophy, and the arts are valuable to me. I refuse to be run out of my school.

But I also refuse to keep being quiet about the insane commo bullshit I see on campus. So from now on I'm sharing it.

Stay tuned for further installments of Shit You See On Campus.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dear Leftists, Please Stop Making Me Sympathize With Nazis

It's starting to be a really, really bad idea in this country to have an unpopular opinion.

Let's just look at the past couple weeks. A guy at Google wrote his opinion down in a memo and got fired. Five people, including a Republican Congressman, got shot by a psycho who hates conservatives. And then, even more recently, Democrats decided they wanted one of their statues back, so about 500 people showed up to protest peacefully with a permit and all hell broke loose when the violent totalitarian left crashed the party.

I have to say this or someone will call me out on it: no, I do not condone driving a car into a crowd of people. For fuck's sake.

But do you know what pisses me off the most about this whole thing?


First of all: many of the people who showed up to protest were not "Nazis," or white supremacists, or white nationalists. They were regular people who for a variety of reasons felt that the statue of Robert E. Lee should remain standing. There were only about 500 protesters, they were there legally, and there were two first responders for every one of them. 

The leftist agitators who showed up for the counter-protest did not have a permit and, as usual, they did not come to debate or reason or make an argument but to wreak havoc and violence.

So, let's just go ahead and address the fact that the melee should never have happened. Maybe, like at Berkeley, like in DC for the Inauguration, and in several other instances, there was a stand-down order and the violence was allowed to happen. Who knows.

Here is something I've never understood: if you truly believe someone's opinions are vile and awful, why would you want to silence them? Wouldn't you want them to be heard?

I, personally, would prefer my racists to be racist out in the open. Please, by all means put a "NO BLACKS" sign on the door of your restaurant so I can avoid eating there. The free market would take care of that restaurant pretty quickly, and if it didn't, well... I guess we've established people with the wrong opinions should not be employed, so I suppose they shouldn't be allowed to own businesses either. Or eat in restaurants.

Do we really want to make it illegal to be a neo-Nazi? Is that a good idea, to make an opinion un-haveable? Can no one on the left see the slippery slope there? Because from where I'm sitting it appears to be wicked steep and glistening with Astroglide.

It's astonishing that the left simultaneously loves to punish the bearer of a wrong opinion, but also wants him to be unallowed to air it. Don't you want to know who the evil Nazi bad guys are? Why aren't you willing to meet an argument with a counter-argument? Why do you always go straight to violence? Is it because maybe deep down you know and fear that many of us -- most of us -- are not racist assholes but people who have a different point of view, one based on logic and sound reasoning?

Watch a video of Milo speaking on campus. Occasionally someone will stand up with an argument, albeit a dumb one, but most of the people who disrupt his appearances resort to pure spectacle -- shouting, screeching, smearing themselves with paint. Where is the argument? I can only assume they don't have one.

I don't like Nazis. I find their opinions unsavory. But most of the people you leftos condemn as Nazis -- including me -- are not Nazis at all. You've expanded that definition to cover everyone you dislike, even if it's just a total stranger on the internet wearing a MAGA hat.

It is a tragic and terrifying time to be an American. I believe the irrational, violent, hateful totalitarian left in this country is going to push this divide to a confrontation that, in the final analysis, they will not want. Because they can't win it. We should be making arguments, debating, meeting each other on a field of ideas. But the left wants a war of fists and sticks and pepper spray and even guns, and God help them, they might get it.

Earlier this evening my mother dismissed my fears. "Every generation since the founding of this country thinks it can't get any worse, that the world is falling apart and it's all coming to a head," she said.

"But one of those generations," I countered, "was right. There was a Civil War. More than half a million people died."

There are people who want Robert E. Lee's statue to keep standing. There are people who think immigration in this country has gotten out of control. There are even people who think there are biological differences between the races and -- gasp! -- write books about it. But there are also people who claim they want a civil war, that they want to see the streets run with blood. They don't really want it. They only imagine they do. Even still, those are the people you should be scared of, whichever side they're on -- the people who are willing to give up on reason and civil debate altogether. Those are the people who will truly destroy this country, if we let them.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello Again

All things considered, I really think this is the best Shelley Long movie about the afterlife.

Hello again, friends, strangers, and inevitable assholes.

Today I have a lesson for you. In general I don't like lessons because they are boring. But this one is really good, I promise. It goes like this:

The most wonderful thing about losing everything is having nothing left to lose.

For the past few months I have been, in a sense, convalescent. In the course of a few weeks, I lost a lot. I lost my faith in feminism, by any definition. I had hoped it could be saved, but I concluded it had always been a lost cause. Then I lost my place in an organization I had helped build. Then I lost my two best friends, both of them publicly.

I retreated into a healing cocoon composed of family, a (very) few friends, and Battlestar Galactica reruns. I withdrew from social media and the Internet at large, and thought for a long time about what had happened and what I should learn from it. I distrust feelings and I'm not in close touch with mine. So rather than wallow in feelings, I had a lot of thoughts, and I let myself think them.

It would be a lie to say there is no bitterness. I would love to be that big of a person. But every time someone says she's not bitter, I wanna go, "You're a little bit bitter, bitch!"

You're not fine.

Happily, bitterness is a very small fraction of what I feel. More than anything else, I feel free.

Since I became prolife and then conservative in 2007 and 2010, respectively, I have lost four best friends. I didn't lose them because I hurt them or stole their boyfriends or ran over their moms with my car. I lost them because of ideas. Opinions. The details don't matter. This is what it boils down to, and it's important for me to share this not to air my dirty laundry or get everyone riled up at my grievances, but because we are moving further and further toward a culture where Your Opinion is Not Allowed. Not even among the people you thought you were safe with.

When I was a kid, people used to say this kind of wacky shit: "I may not agree with your opinion, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Hahaha WTF is THAT? We don't live in that America anymore. Now we have: "I may not agree with your opinion, but I'll reconsider ending our friendship if you change it immediately and apologize publicly."

For the most part, I'm the type of person who doesn't give a shit if my opinion offends anyone, but I was always a little worried in the back of my mind that one or more of my very few friends was going to stop being my friend (again) because of my opinions. I'm not super interested in the psychoanalysis behind that. Maybe it's from being an abandoned kid or an insecure person or maybe it's because I was born when the moon was in Jupiter's asshole. I don't know, and I don't really care.

Do I miss my best friends? Sure. We had some great times, but I haven't shed a tear, nor will I. And I now get to not worry who I offend. I now get to say everything I wanted to say and let fly even the bits I held back for fear of losing the people who mattered most. I did lose them, and I lived. Not only did I live, I learned a powerful lesson about what real friendship is. I'm stronger than I was. I have less to lose, and a whole lot more to say.

And I'm going to pass those savings on to you, readers. I now get to be even more offensive. If you thought I was uncensored before, just wait.

It is incredibly important to me to explore what things really mean, examine the assumptions at the core of our societies, cultures, beliefs, and systems. If you have followed my work for any length of time, you know that I have changed my mind. I will never be afraid or ashamed to change my mind. If I find I was wrong, I will admit it. I have changed my mind on huge issues, from the existence of God to the morality of abortion to whether Donald Trump is #theworst. I have always shared my thought processes openly, and admitted that I was mistaken. Changing your mind means you are thinking, learning, and growing. If you don't change your mind about something big about once a year, read more books.

I will never stop examining, thinking, and telling the truth, and I will be merciless about it. If it costs me everyone and everything, I will continue to share the truth as I perceive it. This is the reason I was put on earth.

I have many things to say here at Chronicles of Radness and I will be saying them in due time. I appreciate your patience as I build my Malevolent Empire.

In answer to a few questions I have received:

No, I will not be back on Facebook anytime soon or, most likely, ever. I don't know of many positive things that come from FB or social media in general. I will be keeping my Twitter and IG for now but I don't use them much. I will be communicating with the world mostly through this blog, and I don't know how often that will be. I have a very busy several months coming up, but you can look forward to big things from Chronicles of Radness as soon as I can get them off the ground, including a promised YouTube channel and podcast.

No, I will not be speaking publicly about the details of my dismissal from New Wave Feminists, at least not in any detail. Some of it is confidential and the rest is not particularly interesting or pertinent to the future. I've always been -- and remain -- a future-focused person. The past doesn't interest me much. I reserve the right to change my mind about this as I see fit, but for now it seems like a pointless topic on which to dwell. What's in my rearview mirror is not my problem.

No, I will not be inserting myself back into the prolife movement in a major way. I love the prolife movement, despite it having the flaws of any movement, and I maintain several friendships with wonderful people who are involved in helping women and children. For now, for a variety of reasons, I would prefer to support organizations I believe in strongly, and to do so somewhat quietly.

The main foci of this blog will be as follows:

Trolling feminists
Smashing feminism
Exposing radical leftism on campus
Pointing out shit that radical Muslims do and going "WTF?"
Commenting on shit in our culture that makes me go "WTF?"
Telling the truth
Making fun of people
Doing whatever I want
Occasional recipes
Maybe pics of my dog


As mentioned, I am no longer interested in having social media be a part of my life, so I will not be going out of my way to promote this blog. I may decide to put it on Twitter, or maybe not. I'll let you know when videos are up, and will link to my YouTube channel. There is also a book in the works, because I feel strongly compelled to share my journey into and out of feminism with young women who might be walking a similar path.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those who have messaged me with encouragement, love, support, and a swift kick in the ass. You know who you are, and I appreciate you more than I can say.